David Cutter - Author

Fiction writer - Mystery/Suspense/Thrillers/YA/Historical

Currently writing:

R.A.B. - In the near future, the U.S. gives the west coast to China. While trying to save family on the other side of the line, Rab finds himself leading a rebellion, becoming a folk hero and extracting revenge for what he finds. Only when he gets trapped with a peaceful activist does he understand what is truly happening and who he really is. sample

 Superstitious Creatures - An ex-dope fiend, a drug dealer, and a billionaire find themselves trapped in a supernatural world of native legend while searching the Superstitious Mountains for gold. sample

Currently editing:

Haunted by his past, Dr. Hamilton builds a machine to receive messages from the future. But with success comes religious hatred, governmental desire, a killer who believes it’s his destiny and a first message, “turn the machine off.” sample

 Others forthcoming:

Children who feel like they don't belong find out why...and the reason goes back 900 years.


Young Adult 

Dining in the Daylight 

C.T's life changed when he took a job aboard the most beautiful train in the world.
It was a 1938, a time of class, of dreamers and of tragedies and C.T. witnessed them all from the dining car of the Morning Daylight train from San Francisco to L.A.
It was the birth of Hollywood, the rise of Hitler, the dawn of a new hope from the rungs of depression, and for himself.
In this Americana story, people find themselves and each other, their dreams and their fears, all while dining in the Daylight.



Not much happens in sleepy Snowflake, AZ. That is until Delores comes home to find Mick in shock with a shotgun beside his chair, a dead son on the porch and six other boys missing. Mick can only mumble in catatonic tones. "They killed Todd and the others....They took them."

Manhunts ensue with the help of a psychic but the boys are nowhere to be found.

Twin girls who specialize in the paranormal come to Mick's aid believing in his abduction story, but things take a sudden turn when Mick's past is revealed.

With murder charges evident, attention turns to only finding the boys but was there something more happening in the White Mountains that no one is telling? Only 'they' know the truth.